Transition Tutelage has  excellent trainers and coaches for  life altering transitions. After doing a detailed training need analysis for an organisation, customised trainings can be designed for the organisation .Transition Tutulege provides personal trainings, group trainings, trainings in a corporate set up for specific requirements.

Our trainings are specially effective when people are going through important transitions in their lives like – Shifting from a complaining / expecting zone to a creative zone and causing things to happen, from an entry level trainee to executive, From an executive to Manager, From a manager to leader, and from a leader to a visionary.

Marriage is another such transition for which Transition Tutelage prepares people ,as this transition is one of the most important transition in life and suddenly brings work life balance into focus.

We provide following trainings and workshops  –

Corporate Trainings

  1. Trainee to Executive – using an excel sheet, preparing for a meeting, preparing and presenting a report, Documentation (filing online and offline), follow ups, learning to grow, Non Violent Communication, English letter writing/ speaking, Dressing up, Empathetic Listening, policies of the office (including Sexual Harassment Policy), Simulation Exercises
  2. Executive to Manager – Becoming a new Manager, Creating a Team, Influence culture, Conducting a meeting and follow ups, Giving Feedback, Coaching People, Managing Projects ,Performance Appraisal, Leading Virtual Teams, writing a business proposal, preparing budget, Hiring and laying off an employee
  3. Manager to Leader –  looking at Balance Sheet , Creating a vision, Inculcating Value based culture, Creating leaders
  4. Sales Orientation
  5. Creativity and Innovation Execution
  6. Productivity Workshop
  7. Work Life Balance
  8. Responsibility Workshop

Personal Trainings

  1. Heart 2 Heart  – Lay a strong foundation for your married life
  2. Marriage Counselling
  3. Nurturing Relationships

Apart from these trainings , Transition Tutelage recommends that any person who takes interest in world affairs and is interested in “Transitioning to a world that works for everyone” can participate in      ” Being Boundaryless Programme (BBP)“. BBP is a unique 4 day programme, absolutely free of cost (of training, boarding , and lodging) conducted at Sabka Ghar (near Bhogpur, Dehradun). For further details about the Boundaryless Initiative (BI), please visit the link .