Now a days Science is seen as  a difficult subject , not easily understood by many . Scientific terminology can be learnt only by getting education which is costly now a days.  So there are limitations put for learning Science. But is science just a subject? No it is a way to know, to learn with scientific methods of measurement, experimenting and finding results and drawing logical inferences. It is our age old wisdom expressed in Scientific principles. To research one has to have scientific searches material first. With Intellectual Property Rights regime, it is difficult to have information available to people and learning science is confined to wealthy  and so called intellectual few. Science Park is our way to put this knowledge back into public arena in a way that people can just see, observe, experience, and learn while taking a stroll in the park. This learning help people perceive science as a way of life, to question, to find out , to experiment, to solve problems by examining various aspects of a problem comes normally to them.