Its no secret that we are living in cities with dangerous levels of air and water pollution. What is it that we can do on an immediate basis, in few years, and on a long term basis to deal with pollution in general to bring it under control to a limit where it does not remain a concern anymore.

At an individual level , people can whitewash there houses with slaked lime (Ca(OH)2) and chalk (CaCO3). This whitewash absorbs majority of harmful gas pollutants from the air e.g. SO2, CO2, NO2, and others. On the other hand one can avoid paints with organic solvents, laminates that use glue,  releasing harmful fumes  in your house. Keep potted plants in your house / or on the rooftop, and sprinkle them with water everyday. Besides you can also keep a small fountain in  which Ca(OH)2 water can be used instead of plain water. This way every home can become an air cleaning unit.

On another front of Industry , we can look at scrubbers that can help convert pollutants to disposable chemicals that are not at all harmful . At the same time Government may look at phasing out technologies that generate pollutants, stricter and implementable pollution norms and rigorous implementation of the same.  People can also keep a vigil in their neighborhood for not allowing an industry releasing toxic fumes in day or night. Now a days its a trend that markets often open up on main roads. This leads to traffic snarls and resultant pollution. Municipal Authorities can ensure through building design approval that shop/ mall’s front always opens  in the direction opposite to main road .

For a long term permanent solution to the problem, people and government both must ensure before the set up of any industry based on a new technology, to have  thorough and satisfactory arrangement to ensure that no harmful chemicals are being released in either water or air or earth in the process.

Coming to water pollution, at an individual level , every person can control through avoiding wastage of water, using soaps/ detergents to minimal, using only necessary amount of water in flushes , and by avoiding putting any foreign objects in a water body even for offering prayers.

Sewage treatment plants, Industries, lavatories opening into water bodies can be strictly regulated and strict implementation of regulations is to be ensured. Riversides can be protected by deliberate plantation of trees.

Land pollution also ultimately leads to pollution of underground water. That’s why a few of Gujrat’s cities have now become cancer cities and cancer trains are being run. So every industrial project has to be approved by the local community in the vicinity too.

All in all a very aware and vigilant community’s watch is essential and important to help stop this race for money fed by  greed and corruption of unscrupulous people.


Air and Water Pollution

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