Corporate Trainings

  1. Trainee to Executive – using an excel sheet, preparing for a meeting, preparing and presenting a report, Documentation (filing online and offline), follow ups, learning to grow, Non Violent Communication, English letter writing/ speaking, Dressing up, Empathetic Listening, policies of the office (including Sexual Harassment Policy), Simulation Exercises
  2. Executive to Manager – Becoming a new Manager, Creating a Team, Influence culture, Conducting a meeting and follow ups, Giving Feedback, Coaching People, Managing Projects ,Performance Appraisal, Leading Virtual Teams, writing a business proposal, preparing budget, Hiring and laying off an employee
  3. Manager to Leader –  looking at Balance Sheet , Creating a vision, Inculcating Value based culture, Creating leaders
  4. Sales Orientation
  5. Creativity and Innovation Execution
  6. Productivity Workshop
  7. Work Life Balance
  8. Responsibility Workshop