Transitions can be painful , yet they lead to growth in personal / professional / and commercial spaces. Transition Tutulege helps alleviate this pain by providing awareness, trainings, research and development to find an answer to problems or finding a suitable technology to break the glass ceilings experienced whenever businesses are stuck for what next and how?

Scientific studies and understanding today are mostly confined to classroom/ laboratories dependent formal and costly education. What if science is seen and experienced as daily happenings by people in their life and surroundings ? Science Parks manifest this idea in areas accessible to all easily (e.g. parks , school grounds, play fields , community grounds) where by people not just learn Science experientially but also contribute by sharing their own learnings & insights . Science park benefits serve the society in many ways i.e. by making basic science  learning and understanding easy for people , by enhancing their capacity to look for scientific solutions to their problems  and also provide innovative solutions to problems time to time and thus squaring the speed of transition and  growth .

Our Story

We went to examine defective product pile up in a factory. On questioning factory staff it became clear that nobody had a clue what is wrong and where was the problem in the entire manufacturing process that was causing the product defect.  People handling production / accounts/ and Stores were the only ones who were educated and rest were labour. The race to maximise profits by minimising costs often land businesses  into such situations . Our ability to solve the problem by doing necessary research in the matter , to suggest further products leading to faster growth, setting up of a laboratory for maintaining stricter quality controls made the business number one very soon. This was also accompanied by various trainings on a personal level and corporate level that helped people gear to take up new challenges in a smooth transition.

The Founder


Aruna Sharma

She is an IIT Delhi alumnus with specialisation in Analytical Chemistry including most of the modern methods of chemical analysis. She has a special ability to identify chemical compounds from spectroscopic findings. She has extensive business and industry experience for 25 years. It includes education , setting up state of the art laboratory including quality control and its processes, companies strategic planning & review {for Inland Container Depots, Trucking, Manufacturing (Aluminium Composite Panels, reclaim rubber, adhesives , paints)businesses}, running a newspaper, and working seemlessly through transitional phases.

Besides she has been extensively trained herself in Ladmark Education technologies and Boundaryless initiative which helps her train people in  looking at and deal with their problems from a unique perspective. That is also the reason for her excelling at personal and corporate trainings .According to her thoughts are our biggest – facilitators /or boundaries, disease /or healers . So all conflicts , problems , and diseases can be treated by taking out causative thoughts and seeding new thoughts that make us healthy and the whole world a better place to live.



Munesh Kumar

He is an IIT Delhi alumnus in Civil Engineering . After a 5 years stint at National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC) , he has worked for 27 years in Indian Revenue Service (IRS) looking after tax assessments, planning and conducting IT raids, creating annual budgets for govt of India , writing Direct Tax code etc.

On a personal level Munesh kumar is working towards creating a Boundaryless World for last 15 years, a world that works for everyone. His tireless efforts have borne fruits in establishment of Sabka Ghar near Rishikesh and Dissemination of Boundaryless Initiative ideas through regular monthly programmes like – Being Boundaryless Programme, Multilogues, and meetings.

Lira Priyadarsani

Lira is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. Marketing and Advertising is her forte, the fact that she is a great painter too , adds to her strength as a visualiser and designer par excellence for marketing . She  is CEO of Webofcomms Pvt.Ltd.  and on a personal level she is committed to a project close to her heart ,” Maximum Childhood”. She has also illustrated many children books with her paintings and is also using augmented reality advance techniques for making learning a pleasure.

Ravindra Badgaian

He is an IT-BHU graduate in Mechanical Engineering. His experience is in diverse fields   like working in BHEL, designing machines, setting BIS quality standards ,Film industry, Politics and he is a prolific speaker and writer too.

Anuradha Joshi

Anuradha has worked as  an Information Technology Expert in India & USA . She developed software applications for stock brokers, implemented 401K benefits for McGraw Hill, Highmark Blue Cross, developed Childcare Benefit System for Pennsylvania citizens for 10 years. From 2010 onwards she has been actively engaged in the Education sector .  Her expertise lies in Cloud telephony , managing various Application systems ,and leading Virtual field support across various states of India . She has also handled  Public Relations ,Creation  and execution of targeted Online Media & Communication strategies ,  long term Donor relationships, and Donor Research for Gandhi Fellowship .   Anuradha walks parallel words of technology and spirituality. She is a guide & a professional trainer.

Nagendra Dhagarra

An IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur alumnus, currently he is CEO of Unisoft, Dehradun. He is an expert in imparting training in the field of Java, Oracle, .Net, and PHP. His strength lies in providing customised software development and web based solutions especially for educational institutes and manufacturing industries.

Aparna Joshi

An excellent educator, Aparna is professor at Gargi college.  Aparna takes keen interest in the way educational / training sessions are conducted. Having completed  M.Sc. (Chemistry) from Delhi university, she has devoted herself totally to Education sector. Completing M. Ed , M.Phil. in Education, She is now guiding students  in their educational endeavors.

Vatsala Badoni

She is an IIT Roorkee alumnus . Her expertise lies in energy healing which has benefitted people world over for last 20 years now.

Nivedita Dhagarra

She takes care of Textile Designing and foreign trade . Besides she is a Reiki master and practices meditative techniques of  healing.